Rolando Toro Arena als criticus or Why I Love Opa Tor:

Onderstaande tekst is erg herkenbaar/This text feels very very right and important to me:
‘Psychology in the twentieth century has carried out it researches around the concept of the ‘ I ‘ and the study of the personality, within an individualist perspective. Most recent developments have instead lead to a vision of the identity of an individual as an essential part of the identity of the others with whom he coexists; in this perspective, the preceding concepts of the ‘ I ‘ and of ‘personality’ seem to be almost without meaning. Still, for many scholars the concept of ‘We’ is inconceivable as a psychological category. The access to ‘We’ requires a systematic and holistic perception, referring, that is to say, to the reciprocal relations between the parts and the whole, and between the whole and the parts of a living system. For example, the ‘ I ‘ is present in the ‘ You ‘ and vice versa: it is not about establishing communication with the other, but about the real fact that the one forms a part of the other. Therefore what happens to the others happens to myself within a universe of essential participation. In my opinion, the notion of  ‘ I ‘ referring to the individualistic concept of man constitutes a fundamental dissociation that denies the ‘ We ‘ of Martin Buber. I reckon that the psychology of the future will work, rather than with the concept of  ‘ I ‘, with that of ‘identity’, that today is so complex, mysterious and unknown as was that of the atom in 1925. R.T. Araneda’ 

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