Biodanza is a way of strengthening identity by integrating body and mind, heart and emotion. Important elements in the method are movement, meetings in a group and above all, lovely beautiful music. The music is selected especially from all times and from all over the globe.

Lucia is teaching Biodanza since 2009. She teaches together with Maria Vermeeren. In the open atmosphere Lucia and Maria form a great team with the group, discovering what is helpful in living our lives here and now. Lucia’s movement, choice of music and ability to bring people in a nurturing flow is influenced with her deep connection to Ghana, West-Africa which begun in 1985 when she traveled there on her own by bicycle.

After the workshop we share and drink tea around a  big wooden table with the name ‘Table of the World.’ The group is open to beginners. We invite you to come and try, since the experience of biodanzaworkshops are hard to describe and per definition very personal. We are very happy to dance in beautiful space, with heating in the floor and Bose speakers in the ceiling. The speakers are placed in such a way that the nourishing vibrations of the music is felt equally in everywhere on the dance floor.

In biodanza we do not use many words. So it’s not so difficult to enunciate the dances both in Dutch and English. We do this in a very fluent way, since listening to spoken words are en element in Biodanza, but the flow where the music and the movement bring you are more elementary.