An Earthly Feeling of Heaven, a Heavenly Feeling of Earth

With the complexity of our society the risk is we develop into complex, machinelike creatures. Our new brain, our neo-cortex grows and lots of our brain activity takes place there, which can have beautiful results.

At the same time lots of felt pleasures, like beauty and safety connect to our senses and our emotions. Lots of us feel this in the heart of dark winter, and we need warm lights to feel our complete selves.

In a series of 3 midwinter classes on december 12 and 19, and januari 9 we will dance until we feel one, an integrated being!!!!!

We integrate de different parts of our brains, our body our soul.  We make use of the nourishment of the elements Earth and Air, to get us exactly there where it feels good, where we want to be….

Feel free to join us. Let us know on 06 24558217 or if you want to, especially when you don;t have any experience with Biodanza.



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