Thursday March 26: Abundance!

Whilst I am writing this, a bird in my small city-garden
tries very hard to collect materials for it’s nest.
He picks some straws but then he sees larger ones, and some feathers.
He is looking, looking at both possibilities.
It is offered many chances. This richness gives him a kind of stress. What to do? Which one to pick? A big pidgeon comes by, watching him. The small bird has to hurry; make it’s choice. A rabbit is not far too.
He drops what he has and quickly goes o the better stuff.
He flies off, comes back for more. The small garden gives him an abundance of possibilities.
These days you can see very well what coming of spring means to the birds, to the trees.
Nature cannot wait till the spring does make itself feel.
The bird doesn’t think; wow, what will I do this year? Where will I go?
It acts upon the abundant chances it gets.
Last week we danced with a beautiful group dances of Yang, feeling the force of spring expressing themselves also through us.
You are very welcome this thursday to join the class. The theme of this weeks class is inspired by the bird and spring:
The class will be taught in English. (If necessary I can teach in English and Dutch)

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