Herfststop: continuation on september 23

Hallo Hallo,

After a small autumn brake we are happy to dance again on Monday October 23. We will open this series with a class by Julia Maaru. Lucia will teach on October 30.

Are you new to the group and have a try? Plse let me know by mail (lucialindner@tele2.nl) or by sms, app or give me a ring. (06 24558217)

Hope to dance with you soon!

Love Lucia

Monday October 2: Do you hear the calling?

Life offers us a lot of chances, invitations, possibilities. Do we see them and hear them all? Biodanza helps me in noticing this, empowers me to react. To accept the invitation or not. To make more conscious decisionsThis a class on the subtlety of noticing which the trance of a loving group brings.

You are invited.

Class by Lucia Lindner. Next week Julia Maare.

(Newcomers to the group pose call first 06 24558217)

25 september Be and break free

Julia Maaru invites us the class of monday september 25

She describes the the theme of this class with the following words:

Be and break free! Becoming who we are is a dance between letting ourselves be and liberating ourselves from our own limitations to become even more who we are. I invite you to this dance of being and freeing!

11 september The Wisdom of Earth

To be passionate about ourselves  and our lives, we need a good ground to stand on.
Fire needs matter (earth) to burn.
Today we will dance our connection to the earth and our inner eath, both feet on the ground and finding the safe ground within us. so we can then explore our fire;
there will be some live music in the vivencia!
much looking forward to dance with you!

Love (your) life; love yourself

Love (your) life; Love yourself

6 biodanza avonden met Lucia Lindner en Julia Maaru

We leren niet vaak vanzelf om onszelf lief te hebben. Jezelf op de borst kloppen, jezelf verkopen is niet hetzelfde als jezelf helemaal accepteren met al je demonen, eigenaardigheden en fijne kanten. 

In deze 6 lessen nemen we je mee op een reis waarin je je vermogen om je te verbinden vergroot. Je vermogen om je te verbinden met het leven, jezelf en anderen.

De lessen zijn toegankelijk voor mensen met meer, minder of geen biodanza ervaring. De praktische informatie is te vinden op deze site, We vinden het fijn als je je even aanmeldt! Dat kan telefonisch (06 24558217) of per mail (lucialindner@tele2.nl).


The classes are in English and Dutch. There is (private or group) translation. German and French are also possible on request.

Dit object uit het Museum Muzee in Scheveningen is een meermin en een zeemonster tegelijk, gemaakt door Aziatische vissers. Lief en raar, mooi en vreemd!

Zomer & Stop

Na een prachtig Biodanza Seizoen 2016-2017 is het nu zomerstop.

Op maandagavond 4 september dansen we verder in onze mooie zaal in 03 in de Jan van Nassauschool aan de Zaanstraat 25 in Den Haag.

De meeste dansers in deze groep dansen nu een jaar, er zijn er ook die een aantal maanden dansen. Er is nog plaats voor een aantal mensen. Stuur alsjeblieft een email (lucialindner@tele2.nl) als je mee wil doen. Je kunt ook bellen of whatsappen (06 24558217).


Per les bekijken we met de aanwezigen of er les wordt gegeven in het Nederlands, in simpel Engels of een mix. De ervaring leert dat dit nooit problemen oplevert. In biodanza is de flow belangrijk; er wordt niet zoveel gesproken.

June 5:

Pinksteren; no biodanza classes (public holiday, venue closed)

June 12: My new voice, an empowering biodanza class 

June 19 – 26 – July 3 les/classes

september 4: start new season

8 juli geeft Lucia samen met een collega een vivencia in Djoj, Rotterdam

Cherish The Big Mystery

June 15, 22 and 29 we will dance on the theme Mystery. All friendly, human interpretation of religion value mystery, the mystic aspect of life. And so do lots of Great Stories, created in Hollywood or Bollywood, Kwamekrum or Harlingen. 

In these three classes the accents are different, but the goal is the same. We will dance surrendering ourselves to the great mystery, to discover what this means to us, our movement, our soul. In Biodanza the meaning of this is up to yourself. As facilitators we are with you, help you find answers, but we are not forcing any meaning up to you. This is what makes Biodanza very free and full of Mystery.

We will support one-other to step into the unknown, to learn the joy and beauty of mystery. The last class on Monday june 29 will focus on the importance of mystery for us as creative beings. 

In my Biodanza-classes we try to make the verbal assignments as short as possible, for the dancers to come in their own inner space and flow. The assignments are given in English and Dutch, depending on what the students need in the moment. Plse register if you come to a class for the first time at 06 24558217 or lucialindner@tele2.nl. 


We dance on

Because of Easter & closing of the venue we dance on

may 8 (and the monday’s after)

 integrative joyful workshops

with a vital edge,

to know and feel your limits,

to express them in a loving and clear way

Workshops by Lucia & Per

if you are new to biodanza plse register at 06 24558217 or lucialindner@tele2.nl